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Vermont Doll Lovers meetup, 05/12/2018!

Total attendees = 4. Best accessory of the meetup: inflatable doughnut.

my dolls:

Back row, L to R: Jujube, Elfdoll 14cm Winky, and Dorothy, Elfdoll 14cm Dodo. Front row, L to R: Jeff, Elfdoll 14cm tiny Kai, and Honorine, Elfdoll 14cm Olivia. Hanging out in an American Girl AG Minis roombox.

Dorothy: "Honorine's sleeping on the floor again!"

Dorothy: "Why won't you GO AWAY?!"
Honorine: "Pipe down. Sleeping."

Dorothy: "Rrrrrrrraurgh!"

After Honorine mysteriously disappears, Jeff and Jujube do a little shopping.

Lyrajean's dolls:

L to R: Alchemic Labo Unoa Sist, Alchemic Lab Unoa Lusis, Volks Yo Tenshi Yu [sitting on box], Volks Yo SD Kira [green hair], Custom House Petite Ais Yuriel and Sariel, Mattel Barbie Fashionista articulated Curvy.

L to R: Another Mattel Fashionista articulated Curvy, Smartdoll Starlight.
Starlight in a fabulous dress, shown from the back because it doesn't fit over her boobs.

vermont chick's dolls:

Back row, L to R: Withdoll Leo, Aileen Doll Rot, Withdoll Lainey, Withdoll Lucy. Front row, L to R: Fairyland Realpuki Kaka, Soso, Papilio, and Pupu. RealPukis' outfits and butterfly nets crocheted by vermont chick. THE ANIMALS ARE BEHIND YOU, GUYS!

Bittersweet Blue's dolls:

Back row, L to R: Obitsu Megu2 head on Dollzone body, Fairyland Minifee Chloe, Obitsu Brownie, Hujoo Nano Freya, Souldoll Miribyeol. Front row, L to R: Funko Steven Universe chibis Connie, Steven, Lion, and Amethyst.

Okay...just look how cute these things are!!

Inflatable doughnut escapades:

Bittersweet Blue procured from Dunkin Doughnuts an inflatable drink holder that worked perfectly as an inner tube for smaller dolls. Megu2 wondered where the beach was.

Chloe watched nervously.
She tried to approach, but it stank too much.

Brownie and Nano Freya played happily on the thing...

...Until Brownie reminded Nano Freya that inner tubes went in water, at which point Nano Freya hissed and ran away and they weren't speaking to each other.

Dorothy: "I'm a sprinkle!"
Jujube: "I'm a frosting!"
The RealPukis found a great base for their secret operations...

But it was all too much for the dragon, who had to be pacified with cookies.


Future meetup: 6/9 1-4 PM.


  1. Thanks for sending these along. Looks like a fun group.


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