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Vermont Doll Lovers meetup, 02/17/2018

Total attendees = 4. Please excuse shitty pictures. My camera battery died, so I resorted to taking photos with my tablet.

my dolls:

Sardonix, Cerberus Project Juri 2006 head with Shinydoll Thaasa body.

Fritillaria, Withdoll Adriana with "cracked head."

Lyrajean's dolls:

L to R: Smartdoll Starlight, Volks SDGr jun, Volks Hijiakata, Volks Date, Volks YoSD Kira, Hujoo Nano Freya, Volks YoTenshi Yu.

vermont chick's dolls:

L to R: Racoon Doll Damien, Iplehouse FID Isis, Creaturedoll Karin, Iplehouse FID Rex [in back], Raccoon Doll Mika[in front].

Bittersweet Blue's dolls:

L to R: 11cm Obitsu Brownie [in trike basket], Hujoo Berry, Dream of Doll Petsha, Fairyland Chloe [on Our Generation horse].

L to R back: Mattel Monster High Lagoona Blue, Mattel Fashionista Tall, Mattel Fashionista Curvy. L to R front: Disney Star Wars Forces of Destiny Leia and R2D2.

Future meetups: 3/17 1-4 PM, 4/14 1-4 PM.


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