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Vermont Doll Lovers year-end meetup, 12/9/2017

Total attendees = 4. Total number of dolls = ? It was the year-end meeting, so it was time for winter/toys/Christmas etc. outfits and props. Click on photos to enlarge.
vermont chick's dolls:

L to R: Fairyland Minifee Lishe, Iplehouse BID Ringo.

Iplehouse BID Ringo.

Dollmore Zaoll Luv. vermont chick made hat, cape, dress, mittens -- everything except the boots!

Fairyland Minifee Mirwen.

Lyrajean's dolls:

L to R: Volks F-26 [purple dress], Volks Hijakata, Volks Sleeping School A, Volks Dollfie World Cup, Customhouse Petite Ai, Hujoo Freya, Hujoo Nano Freya [unpainted in front of Freya], Volks Yo-Tenshi Yu, Customhouse Petite Ai, Spiritdoll Bastet x2 [in front of CH Petite Ai], Volks Yo-SD Kira.

Coleco Cabbage Patch Kid Lion Koosa [with yarn mane].

my dolls:
Sardonix [Cerberus Project Juri 2006 head on ShinyDoll Thaasa body], Dorothy [Elfdoll 14cm Dodo on Sardonix' head], Jujube [Elfdoll 14cm Winky in Sardonix' right hand], Honorine [Elfdoll 14cm Olivia in Sardonix' lap], Jeff [Elfdoll 14cm Kai in Sardonix' left hand].

Touralyn, a 1:6 scale OOAK BJD by DragonGems.

Submit, Elfdoll Devil on Hujoo Wings body.

Melface's dolls:
L to R: Obitsu head on Azone body, Pound Puppy, Irreal Doll Yur, Rement Pose Skeleton Demon [in front of Yur], Shannon's doll Doll Chateau Bella, Fairyland Littlefee Lewi.

Future meetups: 1/6/2018 1-4 PM.