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Vermont Doll Lovers meetup, 6/17/2017

Total attendees = 7. A trio of doll lovers from Montreal joined VTDL's BEACH PARTY meetup last Saturday. People and dolls enjoyed making friends. Click to enlarge. vermont chick has photos on her blog.

Future meetups: 7/15 1-4 PM, 8/12 1-4 PM.

my dolls:
From L to R. 14cm Elfdoll tinies. Jeff [Kai], Honorine [Olivia sleeping], Dorothy [Dodo, brown hair], Jujube [Winky].

vermont chick's dolls:

Back row, L to R: Iplehouse FID Lawrence, Raccoon Doll Gene, Monica, and Lucy. Front row L to R: Dollmore Judith, Fairyland LittleFee Ante.

Lyrajean's dolls:

Back row, L to R: Volks SDGr Jun, Date, and Chiyo. Front row, L to R: VOlks Yo-SD Kira, Custom House Ai Uriel and Sariel, Spiritdoll Bastet x2 [cats].

Spiritdoll Camellia [large] and Xagadoll Sylvia [small].

Bittersweet Blue's dolls:
Fairyland Minifee Chloe.

Dollzone Linlan.

Parabox Megu2 head on Dollzone body.

Urban Hermit's dolls [except for Sevore's Implhouse Raffine]:
Back row, L to R: Iplehouse Raffine [owned by Sevore], Impldoll Joshua, Immortality of Soul Anima head on RingDoll Grown body. Front row, L to R: Impldoll Simon, Mattel Harley Ken.

Sevore's dolls:

Myou Doll Wind.

Iplehouse Raffine.
Assaliah's dolls:

Back row, L to R: Alchemic Lab Unoa Lusis and L-Bi. Front: Volks Yo-SD Ayumi.

Group shots:

All the cat-themed dolls in one picture. Lyrajean's Hujoo Freya in left foreground.

ALL THE DOLLS except for Bittersweet Blue's [she left before this pic D:].


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