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Vermont Doll Lovers November meetup, 11/14/2015

Total attendees = 3. Small number of doll lovers, large amount of fun!

vermont chick has pictures too on her blog.

From left to right, Jujube, my Elfdoll 14cm Winky [pink hair], Dorothy, my Elfdoll 14cm Dodo [brown hair], and Jeff, my Elfdoll 14cm Kai, enjoyed House Rainbow Barf, otherwise known as an American Girl AG Minis Groovy Room roombox.
Jeff sits in the inflatable chair.
Jujube gets comfy on the sofa.
So does Dorothy.
Submit, who recently moved from an Elfdoll Doona Kathlen sculpt to an Elfdoll Hana sculpt, is very happy to be here.
"Look at my cool new playset!" Featuring Mattel Megabloks Monster High playset.
"Isn't there anyone to play with???"

But wait! Submit makes friends with DragonGems' custom 1:6 scale scratch-built Russell [right].

Submit approves!
vermont chick's Tonner Ellowyne Wilde, resin version.
vermont chick's Iplehouse nYID Oscar, known for the day as Corporal Punishment.
Corporal Punishment has compelling eyes.
...As well as a compelling bulge.
Well, vermont chick's Dollmore Judith Girl Maxima Suntan Zinna Black ain't impressed....

vermont chick's Dollmore Judith Girl Arasa Blue Zinna [left] is accosted by her Dollmore Kid Dollpire Shiloh.
"Unhand me, you revolting churl!"
"But I'm hungry..."
vermont chick's Raccoon Doll Sara [left] hangs out with her Raccoon Doll Mika [right].
You know you're classy when your bloomers match your dress.


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