Sunday, February 8, 2015

Vermont Doll Lovers Valentine's meetup, 02/07/2015

Total attendees = 5. Five people and at least five times that many dolls showed up to VTDL's first get-together of 2015: me, Lyrajean, vermont chick, Nerdy Victorian and Megan.

Lyrajean's photos can be found on the DOA meetup thread.

vermont chick has two blog posts of photos: here and here.

My dolls:

Muggins, Evethecat 3-D printed British open-eyed cat, gets into everything and looks adorable doing so. 

So does  Jujube, Elfdoll Tiny Winky [original version].

Submit, Elfdoll Doona Kathlen awake, declares that she is indeed a cutie pie and also hangs upside-down in vermont chick's cell phone holder 1:6 scale chair.

Takara Cutey Honey accessorizes appropriately with hearts and demonstrates just how bad her factory rooting job is.

Lyrajean's dolls:
Muggins, my Evethecat 3-D printed British open-eyed cat, pesters Lyrajean's Xagadoll Sylvia.

Volks Dollfie World Cup head #1.

Alchemic Lab Unoa Sist grooves on the guitar.

The Customhouse sisters Yuriel [left] and Sariel [right] almost always show up.

Hujoo Freya has a new kimono.

Volks Sleeping School A and Volks Tohya.

Volks Chiyo and Volks Masha.

Megan's dolls:

Russell, Megan's latest effort, is a 1:6 scale male doll. Details in the next three pictures.
Lucy, the 1:6 scale robot.

Nerdy Victorian's dolls:

The eternal woeful Spirit Doll Stayne [right] now has a girlfriend in the form of Maskcat Ronia [left].

Maskcat Ronia looks kinda worried...

Spirit Doll Stayne has a fabulous hat, dammit!

Dollzone Yan2 [left] and Dollzone Luke [right].

Dollsone Luke steals all the desserts when no one else is looking.

Resinsoul Mu and Volks Kira.
Volks Kira and her surprise bunny!

Doll Factory Bobo makes serious inroads on a doughnut.

vermont chick's dolls:

From left: Iplehouse SID Grace on Iplehouse nYID body, Iplehouse JID Daniel, Iplehouse JID Asa, Doll Chateau Ada [in chair], Iplehouse KID Lisa.

Iplehouse Grace on Iplehouse nYID body.

Iplehouse JID Daniel [left] claims that he has a spiffy track suit. Iplehouse JID Asa [right] doesn't believe him.
Iplehouse KID Lisa is ready for time traveling.

Hey look! Doll Chateau Ada stands by herself!!
We have a St. Patrick's day meetup scheduled next month on Saturday, March 14th, from 10 AM to 12 PM [note non-standard time]!

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