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Vermont Doll Lovers March meetup, 03/09/2019

Total attendees = 4. With a St. Patrick's Day theme, we brought out green outfits, accessories, and such.

my dolls:

L to R: Disney 6" Wreck It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet Princess Jasmine, Jujube [Elfdoll 14cm Winky], Disney 6" Wreck It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet Princess Tiana/Elfdoll 14cm hybrid, Ann [customized BCS Clara Oswald action figure].

1:6ers gather. L to R: Mattel Francie, Obitsu Nano Haruka head on Obitsu 24 body,

Sunglasses of great coolness.


I customized Ann by removing original molded hair, resculpting a bun, and redressing her.

"Hey, what's in here?"

"Oh cool, obnoxious lighted shamrocks!"

"And a leprechaun!"

"Ta dah!!"

Lyrajean's dolls:

L to R: Volks Masha, Volks Date, Volks SDGr Jun with Volks F-30 elf head in lap, Volks Chiyo in Okinawan court dancer costume, Mattel Francie, NPK 18" doll.

Discontinued Volks elf head. Ears sold separately.

Chiyo as an Okinawan court dancer.

NPK wondering where the Easter eggs are.
Modesty shamrock.

Modesty shamrock 2, this time with bonus photobomb!

vermont chick's dolls:

L to R: Creature Doll Lucia, Lumedoll Meissa, Withdoll Egon elf, Withdoll Ruby elf, Youpla Vaeron, Withdoll Angela, and Fairyland RealPuki Papilio in front.

Caption 1: "Any gold in here?" // Caption 2: "BARRRRF!"

"I don't think it's supposed to work like this."

A dashing kilt.
Peter Pan outfit crocheted by vermont chick. Unless otherwise mentioned, she crocheted all the crocheted pieces!

Yarn wefted wig also made by vermont chick.

Youpla BJD was mispronounced as "Yoplait." It's probably his new name now. Sorry, dude.

Bittersweet Blue's dolls:

L to R: Obitsu Nano Haruka on Obitsu24 body, Fairyland Minifee Rens, Dream of Doll Petsha, Fairyland Minifee Chloe.

You can't handle the cool.

You still can't handle the cool.

Don't even try handling the cool.

Future meetups: 4/13 1-4 PM, 5/18 1-4 PM.


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